Voting Information.

Have a plan to vote in local elections. 

On this page, we will outline dates and other helpful information so that you can have a plan to vote in the local elections.  In our community, you now have several options to cast your vote for the General Election.   Some will request a mail-in ballot.  Others will do advance voting.  Many will vote on election day.  Whatever your choice, be sure to make a plan to have your vote count in this important local election.   


Your Key Dates – General Election

More details including locations and timing for advance voting is available on the Johnson County Advance Voting Website


Are You Registered To Vote?

Registering to vote and keeping your registration up-to-date are the best ways that you can ensure a great voting experience in Johnson County.   You can register to vote on-line at the Kansas Online Voter Registration page–>  

Or, access complete information on this page at the Johnson County Election Office website for Voter Registration –>

Note: You can register to vote at any time however voter registration always closes 21 days prior to an election day.   

Let’s Vote Early

For a local election, we recommend that you vote in advance – either by mail or at an advance voting location. 

The last day to request an advance voting ballot by mail is the Tuesday prior to the election with the last day JoCo Election Office can mail a ballot being the Friday prior to the election. The last day that advance voting ballots must be returned is the Friday following the election and postmarked by election day.

The procedures and locations are available on this page at the Johnson County Election Office website for Advance Voting –>

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